Banner ad plan a

Aijobweb Banner Ad 
Annual Plan A   $20 million / year 

Place your ad at the banner ad place holder spot on GOOD JOBS search engine landing page

Maximum Dimensions: 500 x 800 pixels 

If you prefer, you could place there a different Ad each month, up to 12 Ads in one year. 

Contact us: 
USA Phone  646-899-6871

Important Note:

In your email to us, please tell us the name of the referrer if any and his/her unique coupon code. A referrer is a person who refers our ad to you. Unique coupon code is a discount code that assigns to a referrer. When you purchase one of our ads with a coupon code, you could get 10% discount on the ad price and the referrer earns a referral fee.

We will email you a contract for you to sign and an invoice listing the ad price you will pay, coupon code if any, the referrer's name if any, and bank wire transfer information. Please note that invoice and other messages to you only originate from these email addresses:,,, and