AIjobWEB.com Founder and President Bo Paul Zhang(张理铂)

AIjobIN.com and AIjobWEB.com(A.I. JOB WEB LLC) is founded by Stanford University graduate Bo Paul Zhang and based in United States of America. AIjobweb stands for artificial-intelligence-enhanced career website. It features a global job search engine and a global holistic salary search engine. It deploys two websites www.AIjobWEB.com and www.AIjobIN.com to deliver uninterrupted same service to you. AIjobIN.com and AIjobweb.com harnesses the advancement in Artificial Intelligence to give users cutting edge experience in job hunting. By the way, aijobweb.com logos are designed with the help of A.I. too. Artificial intelligence translates contents on aijobweb.com into more than 100 languages automatically upon viewing. AIjobweb.com helps your job posting going global instantly. After an employer post a job on aijobweb.com, job seekers can read it in their languages in more than 200 countries. The majority job postings shown on aijobweb.com are directly from well-known employers worldwide —- companies, governments, educational institutions, NGO, and other entities. The rest are from secondary sources such as recruitment agencies and job bulletin boards. AIjobweb.com could show you nearly a billion job postings from millions of employer worldwide. 

Whether you are an experienced professional or a new graduate of college or high school,  Aijobweb.com is a good place for you to start your job hunting. With the capacity of  showing  nearly a billion job postings, aijobweb.com could show you the most relevant job postings or refer you to the right job bulletin boards.  Job postings on aijobweb.com are updated constantly and arranged from the newest to the oldest. And thus, it ensures that jobseekers could see fresh job postings and catch new opportunity.

AIjobWEB.com salary technology makes the idea of right pay more concrete. Right salary information is crucial to both employers and employees. Paying employees right amount of salary gives employers a competitive edge. Employees thrive and are well motivated with right amount of salary. AIjobWEB.com holistic salary search engine could reveal to employers and employees comprehensive multi-sourced salary data in any country and region.