AIjobWEB.com Founder and CEO Bo Paul Zhang(张理铂)

AIjobWeb.com (A.I. JOB WEB LLC) is founded by Stanford University graduate Bo Paul Zhang and based in United States of America. AIjobweb stands for artificial-intelligence-enhanced career portal. It features 6 A.I.-enhanced  search engines, a book translator and a news digger to help you advance your career with ease.  They are 

global internship search engine,

global good job search engine,

global omnisource salary search engine,

global sample resume search engine,

global interview tip search engine,

global companies search engine,

global professional news discovery engine,

and a book translator.

To search for good jobs, internships, salary information, resume tips, or  interview tips,  users only need to input a job title.

The websites can be viewed in 130 languages and 200 hundred countries.

Aijobweb good job search engine discovers hundred millions of  good job posted by millions of top employer worldwide. These employers are established and well-known entities —companies, governments, educational institutions, and other Non-governmental organizations. Job postings on aijobweb.com are updated constantly and arranged from the newest to the oldest with date information. And thus, it ensures that job seekers could see fresh job postings and catch new opportunity quickly.

Aijobweb internship search engine shows you  hard-to-find  good internships offered by millions of top employers worldwide.

Aijobweb omnisource salary search engine aggregates salary information from multiple credible  sources for  recruiters and job seekers  so that they could derive right salary figure for a job.

Aijobweb interview tip search engine could discover for recruiters expert opinions on what questions to ask in a job interview and for job applicants on how to answer job interview questions. 

Aijobweb sample resume search engine could discover  sample resumes for a particular job title and tips on how to write a better resume for the job.

Aijobweb professional news search engine discovers up-to-date professional news and publications made by major news outlets and academia worldwide. It could fetch you news in any topic  from breaking news to newly published research paper on quantum computing, and from ape to zebra.  With  embedded translation tool , it enables you to read news in 130 languages and 200 countries.

Aijobweb companies search engine discovers latest news about a company(or organization) worldwide in 135 languages.

Aijobweb book translator could translate an entire book or article in one go between English and 134 other languages.